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"Why food?" A question Thomas gets asked most of the time - why he chose to be a food and beverage photographer among so many other genres. The answer is, well, simple. "A good meal is one of the most simple joys in life. It's the simple things that, more often than not, are the most complex to photograph." Thomas has a unique set of skills to interpret the sensation of a soulful meal and portray it through the medium of photography.

His pictures aim to carry the viewer through the aromas, the textures, the flavours and most importantly, the memories that food weaves.

He is admired by his clients for his ability to translate their brand stories through powerful images. Having worked a variety of clients and creative agencies, Thomas is widely trusted for his understanding of light and textures.

He is an ardent believer that knowledge fuels creativity and is always on the lookout for new advancements in technology to make better narratives.



New Delhi, India

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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